Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ethan and Laurel say ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

This evening I got to meet two of the cutest BAMA fans around!! A photo session on campus....................what a great way to start the season!!

After some great shots at the stadium, we took a walk to the President's Mansion. Ethan and Laurel were little troopers even with the heat and those pesky mosquitos. President Witt really should look into lighting some citronella candles around the place! He probably does have more pressing matters, huh?

Ethan and Laurel, I enjoyed meeting you along with your mom and grandmom. You two were real sweethearts and I hope I captured your true personalities in my images! Thanks mom and grandmom for letting me share in this UA campus memory.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Aaron!

Little Aaron is turning 1 and what better way to mark this milestone than to have 1 year pictures made in his birthday hat sitting pretty in his daddy's highchair!! I got to take pictures of this cutie when he was only a few weeks old. Time sure does fly! Mom and Dad, I had a great time taking Aaron's pictures today LOVE Aaron's red hair!!

Simply Gorgeous

Yesterday, I had the honor of shooting the gorgeous wedding of a beautiful couple in a small country church in Selma. As you can see from the picture, these flower arrangements were in small buckets that hung from every other pew. Gorgeous, I tell you!! And the bride and groom were stunning. It was definitely their day!! Such a sweet and playful couple, too. Dana and Justin, I so enjoyed sharing your day with you and your kind family. It wasn't until the reception did I find out that Justin worked with Brady years ago at the Diner!!! Small world, indeed! Brady knows Justin and his family quite well from his diner days. After getting to take pictures at a wonderful wedding and a rocking reception, I was also blessed with meeting two great families!! Dana and Justin, I wish you both the very best!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madey and Braden

Today I met a sweet couple with two sweet little ones! You can tell how sweet just by looking at these photos. Little Madey was definitely the camera queen, and Braden, well, he just wanted to be the little boy that he is! I got some great smiles, like the one below, from Madelyn, however, Braden tried his best to hide his gorgeous smile! Braden really didn't want his picture taken, but when I left the room, he would ask, "Where's Kim?" Smart fella, huh? Mom and Dad tried very hard to get a smile out of Braden. Thanks Mom and Dad! I appreciate your persistence and help.

Introducing Nate and Josh

During another session on Saturday, I was blessed to meet these angels. Nathan and Joshua, almost 3 weeks old, are identical. They wear little name anklets to help Mommy, Daddy, sisters, family, and friends (basically everyone) tell them apart! Mom begged that if I needed to remove the name anklets to please, please put Nate on the left---always. Talk about pressure! Just kidding, Mom. Not really. I sure didn't want to be the one to mix them up! These two cuties were the absolute best clients and despite a little rebellious tee-teeing on me and mom, the session went great!! Best wishes Mom and Dad with your family that has grown by 4 hands and 4 feet, yep that's exactly 20 fingers and 20 toes!!!! Thanks so much for having me in your home!

Belly Time!

On Saturday I did my first ever maternity session! This beautiful lady came with her almost 4 year old, Nathan, for some tummy pics. In just a few more weeks Megan will give birth to Jaden Tanner! Little Jaden Tanner, you have a lot of folks who can't wait to see you! We still want you to stay in there as long as possible, though. Megan has been on bed rest for high blood pressure, but since she made it to 36 weeks, she now can resume her normal activities. I wish you and your family the best of luck, Megan.