Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is Kruz and his Family

I got to meet another cutie pie this weekend. This little man is Kruz. I took his 6 month pics and some family pictures, as well. A great looking bunch and very, very photogenic! Kruz was the best baby! Even though it was getting chilly out, he didn't complain one bit. Here's a few pictures from our session. A little sneak peak of the family photos, too.

Darling Reagan

I met little Reagan for her 3 month pictures and she was just darling!! Her hair reminded me so much of my Emma when she was a baby. Reagan worked so hard for us she tuckered out at the end and fell asleep in this pile of feathers!!! Doesn't she have the most precious sleeping expression?? I enjoyed meeting you, Reagan, along with your sweet mom and granny. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miss Blue Eyes

Meet Evan, also known as "Baby Blue Eyes" per my husband. He couldn't always remember her name, yet he never forgot those eyes! I have been taking Evan's pictures since she was six months old and she will soon be two years!! I can't believe it! Evan has these amazing blue eyes that "pop" right out of the picture! Plus, she has long, black eyelashes that seem to frame her pretty eyes. Evan is as sweet as she looks, too! Today she kept saying, "Ms. Kim, Ms. Kim, come here, look at this!" When we were walking, Evan would say, "Hold my hand, Ms. Kim." Who could resist??

Fall and Family

I met this family at River Walk around 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning and boy, was there a chill in the air. It definitely felt like a fall morning and it was certainly a welcome feeling! I shot some family pictures and several of little Coleman for his six month photos. Coleman was a little angel throughout the entire session! Big brother, Hal, was also a sweetie! Hal was incredibly friendly, even though it was his first time to meet me. Both are such cutie pies!! What a great looking family!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pure Sweetness

Here's one for you: Remember the cousins, Colin and Ava Grace? These adorable brothers are their cousins. The moms are sisters. To add another twist to it, I have known Gavin and Roman's mom for a while since she is married to the twin brother of a good friend of mine. Gotta it?? Gavin is three months and Roman is four years old and they are such handsome little boys. Roman was so funny during the entire session! He was very inquisitive and quite the socializer! Watch out girls, he's gonna be a heart breaker! Gavin is such a sweet baby. You just want to hold him and snuggle! And again, thanks for your help, MeMe!

A Cute Mommy-To-Be!!!!

Yesterday, Kirsten came in for her maternity session filled with excitement. She brought with her many, many wonderful clothes. This fun, expectant mother really did bring a suitcase of clothes with her!! ;0 It was great!! Kirsten has the cutest belly bump! I could have photographed her all afternoon, but I did have another appointment. Little Tucker will be arriving next month and has a whole host of folks eagerly waiting to meet him. Kirsten, you are gonna be a terrific mom! Can't wait to see Tucker!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sweet Emma Grace

This precious little one is brand new to this world. Emma Grace did great during her first photo session ever! She looked so comfortable on my bean bag and my fuzzy blanket that we hated to move her. I just told mom and dad to leave her with me. ;) Yep that's right. I would take her in a heartbeat! But mom and dad had to take her home. And I am sure her big brothers wouldn't be too happy if she stayed. Mom and dad, Emma Grace is such a sweetheart. I enjoyed meeting you all today.