Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mom Told Me Avery Was a Water Baby!!

This evening I got to see little Avery again. The last time I took his pics he had brown hair! We decided to do this session at The University of Alabama's President's Mansion. Mom had requested that we not do the session next to the river because Avery is such a water baby. So where do I take them---to the back of The President's Mansion where there is this fountain! And, yep, he's definitely a water baby!! Avery climbed right into the fountain and started splashing around with the BIGGEST grin I have ever seen! I was shooting away when I noticed someone standing behind me and mom. I turned to see none other than President Witt himself!!!!! My mouth dropped, mom's mouth dropped, and Avery continued to swim in President Witt's fountain!! President Witt finally said, "He's enjoying himself." We just shook our heads in agreement. We were speechless. I really thought he was going to ask us to leave, but there was no way I was going to miss getting these shots!! The President finally walked to his car and left. Whew!!! Mom got Avery out and dried him off, but Avery was not happy about leaving the water! Avery was just too cute in that fountain--I was lovin'it! Oh, and this happened at the beginning of the session and we still had outfit number 2!

Avery was a ball of energy and a joy to shoot! He was a HOOT!! Thanks, mom for hanging in there. I did get some great shots and hope to have the proofs on the website soon. Here's a little peak of what I got.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for hanging in there with us Kim! I told Gary that if you were a miracle worker if you were able to get any good shots today. But, I loved the sneak peak! Cant wait to see the rest!

Cassie said...


Joy said...

This is too cute! After reading a few sentences I realized this way my Susie's little boy. What a sweetie and what a story to tell!