Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lee Family

This session took place in Eutaw at the Lee family's church. Sweet baby Bill was baptized at this church not too long ago so mom wanted some pictures taken there to commemorate the occasion. Big sis, Marilyn and big brother Seph were adorable, as well! They love their new sibling very much!

Does this wagon look familiar? It's just like the one I posted about in February. It turned out that the families are related and both received antique wagons from the same family member! The quilts lining the wagon are family heirlooms as is the baptism gown. The baptism gown was first worn in the 1920's (sorry Robin, but I couldn't remember the exact year you told me). I was so impressed at it's age and beauty!

Thanks mom and dad for a great session!






Joy said...

Too Sweet!!!

Lana said...

These are just precious.