Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Old Friend

This pretty mama is an old friend of mine and I had the pleasure of taking her family pictures today. Kristi and I attended elementary school and high school together, and I even remember her spending the night with me when we were just little girls! And guess what? We are now neighbors! WOW! And just look at her beautiful family! Her youngest, Noah, is 3 months old and he is such a cutie! She also has a gorgeous step daughter, Madison and a beautiful 2 year old, Sam. And, of course, there's dad who is super, super nice. I just love getting back in touch with old friends! Thank you, Kristi, for letting me photograph your sweet family! I enjoyed it so much!! :)

1 comment:

Joy said...

Kim, I love the family picture with a little of the outside showing and what great expressions on everybody's face.
Kristi, I hope you see this. I did not know that you had another baby. Congratulations on the new little man. The family picture is so sweet.